Most of my code these days is on the Studio 24 GitHub page. I also have a few useful code snippets over at Gist.

I built a Petition Tracker to track the rate of signatures for GOVUK petitions.

The most used project is the WordPress multi-environment config, an attempt to bring dev, staging and production environments to WordPress!

Some older projects..

SVG Clocks

A quick demo of how to create an SVG clock using Adobe’s new Snap library.

Disable HTML5 form validation

It’s useful to disable HTML5 form validation for testing websites. Drag this bookmarklet into your bookmarks bar to do this!

Geo-location test

A quick test of the geo-location features, written after my HTML5 workshop with Remy Sharp in September 2012.

Sub-modules in Zend Framework

Supports /sub-module/module-name/controller/action style routes. Please note this now replaces the previously published Admin Modules system

Use the following application.ini configuration to enable admin modules using the sub-modules class: = APPLICATION_PATH "/admin-modules"

My.Rackspace bookmarklet

JavaScript bookmarklet to help you login to multiple accounts at

Get Apache User

Use this PHP script to display the current Apache user on your webserver.