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We host most of our client sites at Rackspace so we have a fair few servers and different accounts we need to login with whenever accessing the portal.

While the site has a cookie to remember the last entered account number and username, it doesn’t help if you have half a dozen different accounts you need to login with on a frequent basis. Switching browsers can be impractical and remembering the account IDs can just get tiring.

To solve this problem I created the My.Rackspace bookmarklet for logging in with multiple accounts. When clicked it takes you to If you’re already there, it displays a select list of your different accounts and populates the login form once you’ve chosen.

Since you’ll have your own account IDs and usernames just enter your details into the form below. Enter your account ID and account names in CSV format like the example shown in the form. The next page will display details on how to use the bookmarklet.

If you want to download the JavaScript source code please see bookmarklet.js. Please note this is only tested on Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Obviously Rackspace could also solve this issue by changing the login screen code themselves. But for now, I hope this is useful to some people.

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