Laconic Llamas

Stephen Fry has quite a devious sense of humour and to celebrate over 50,000 followers came up with a challenge: to write a 140 character Twitter containing exactly 50 Ls and win a yet unknown prize.

Incredibly hard when you think about it, since you’re also supposed to append the hashtag “#L” to help Stephen track this making your words need a 36% hit rate of Ls. All very silly.

A side effect of this is it seems Twitter’s own search can’t cope with single character hashtags, but you can keep on top of the entries at

Initially I struggled to avoid thinking about this all week while busy at work, but I couldn’t stop myself writing a short PHP script to check the validity of an entry. If you’re so inclined you may make use of it below.

Anyway, here’s my entry..

UPDATE: I didn’t win of course, but I was given a mention on Stephen’s blog. Most satisfying!