After viewing the coverage of the 7/7 anniversary on the BBC I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since that awful day in London. So much has happened in the decade since, though in some ways the same fears and worries still exist.

Two weeks later, on 21st July, I was in London for client meetings. I had a lunch meeting with a music ticketing startup in central London and then travelled to Shoreditch for a meeting with a theatre charity. I travelled by bus, not sure why (I usually travel by tube), but the events of two weeks ago probably had something to do with it. I remember getting off a couple of stops early. I was determined to travel by public transport but at the same time felt incredibly wary.

This was half an hour after a bomb went off on a bus in Shoreditch. Thankfully with no casualties.

I got off and walked the rest of the way. I was diverted around a closed road, due to the bus that had recently exploded. I remember the cordon across a bridge and the abandoned bus in the background. It was all a bit surreal. I found my way to the client and had the meeting. All was fine.

It’s quite something to recall that day. It makes me thankful for life and what has happened since (marriage, kids, successful business, travel to interesting places). But it makes me remember those who were not so lucky, just because they got on the wrong tube or bus that day, 10 years ago. Their thoughts are with me.