All has been a bit quiet here of late, 2011 was a very busy year for me both with work and family life. With half an hour left of the first day of 2012 I thought I’d record a few resolutions for the oncoming year.

  • Photography – I have a great Canon 40D camera which apart from a fabulous trip to New York City has been unloved in the past year. I want to photograph more in 2012, starting with my attempt at the 365 project over on Flickr
  • Writing – I also love writing, when I give myself the time to do so. I intend to write more in 2012 and will try to get my writing published elsewhere than just my own blog.
  • Family – With Daniel almost 2 and Billy 4, our two boys are becoming very interesting little people. It goes without saying the next year will be full of lots of family time, but it doesn’t stop me making sure I remember it should be my focus.
  • Cycling – I rarely cycle to work these days, even though the 4 mile journey is less stressful via bike than car (and takes about the same time). Really need to do this more to offset the beer and pies 🙂

Let’s see how I do in a few months time!..

[Edit: 2012 was a pretty busy year for me, mostly focussed on family and work. Though I did manage a few interesting trips abroad in Europe and the US. Not enough writing though, must try harder!]


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